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Kansas City Dental ER is an affordable walk-in dental clinic in the Kansas City / Claycomo area.
We provide emergency services to help you get out of pain quickly.

Kansas City Dental Services

As an emergency dentist, Kansas City Dental ER is a walk-in dental clinic that offers affordable solutions to get you out of pain.

A lot of people don’t like going to the dentist. When emergency dental situations arise, the thought of visiting a dentist can feel like more trauma. It doesn’t have to be that way, and it’s why we carefully guide our patients into the best treatment solutions for their condition.

Our staff understands how fear and anxiety can keep you out of the dental chair. We listen to your concerns to gain an understanding of how you want us to help. Our Kansas City, Missouri location is open now.

Don’t suffer through the pain

Visit our office today so we can carefully guide you to the best treatment solution for your condition.

We want to get you out of pain and back to the life you enjoy.

Toothache Pain Relief

If you’re seeking relief from urgent tooth pain, call our office immediately.

Tooth pain is serious when it’s severe, throbbing, and continuous. You may experience sensitivity to hot or cold extremes like coffee or ice cream, increased pain with pressure, headaches, or jaw or neck discomfort. Accompanying fever or chills may indicate a dangerous infection that has spread beyond your tooth. These situations require immediate attention.

It can feel frightening to experience a dental emergency and you shouldn’t have to wonder where to find a qualified urgent care dentist. Kansas City Dental ER is here in your area, ready to serve your needs.

Emergency Root Canal

A root canal is a procedure to remove the pulp inside a tooth with proper cleaning and disinfecting, then filling and sealing the resulting cavity. It’s a proven procedure used in certain situations to relieve severe dental pain and rescue your tooth. A root canal is commonly needed when the roots of a tooth become inflamed or infected.

Many people in extreme tooth pain wonder—how much is an emergency root canal? To provide an honest assessment, visit our office today. We will provide a comprehensive exam to properly diagnose your situation and ensure you get the best care to relieve your pain as soon as possible. Our goal is to provide you with affordable solutions to bring fast relief.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you’re experiencing pain toward the back of your mouth, it could be an impacted wisdom tooth. If the gum area behind your molars is inflamed, red, or tender to the touch, or causing mouth pain, call our office today so we can assess the degree of your wisdom tooth emergency.

Erupting wisdom teeth can cause extreme discomfort. These teeth are the last to push through your gums and often come through at an angle because other adult teeth are already in place. When they get stuck, they become impacted and need immediate care.

Cavities & Dental Fillings

If you suspect that you have a cavity, it’s time to visit us at Kansas City Dental ER to see if you require a dental filling.

A cavity may start small and cause minimal discomfort, but can quickly become more significant and develop into a major source of pain. If you have a cavity, you may already be feeling some of these easily recognizable symptoms:

  • Sensitivity in your mouth to hot or cold temperatures
  • Sensitivity to sugary drinks like soda and juice, or sweets
  • A toothache that comes on suddenly and continues
  • Visible white or dark spots on your tooth
  • A pit or hole in the surface of your tooth

Kansas City Dental ER is here in your area, ready to serve your needs emergency cavity needs.

Dental Cleaning

Routine dental cleanings and exams are the best way to experience a lifetime of oral health and good oral hygiene. The importance of a dental exam is far more than cosmetic. It is necessary to screen for potential diseases of the mouth, including oral cancer. During an exam, our dentists will professionally remove tartar and any buildup of plaque to prevent decay and gum disease. They’ll check for cavities and any hidden concerns like cracks, fractures, or potential infections that can cause more serious issues in the future.

Preventing oral problems is a much more comfortable and cost-effective option than undergoing extensive treatments when problems worsen. Combined with regular brushing and flossing, routine dental exams and cleaning will help protect you from issues with your teeth and gums— which can sometimes be painful and costly. Regular exams will also help prevent early tooth loss, gingivitis, cavities, halitosis, and receding gums.

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We want to get you out of pain and back to the life you enjoy.

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